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Safecure Super Concrete Curing Agent 20L 90% Efficiency

Safecure Super Concrete Curing Agent 20L 90% Efficiency

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Aqueous Based 90% Efficiency Concrete Curing Compound

Applied to the surface of freshly laid concrete, Safecure Super physically ‘locks’ moisture into freshly cast concrete allowing full hydration of the cement thus allowing the concrete to fully cure. This is achieved by covering the surface of the concrete with a very thin temporary membrane that prevents moisture in the concrete from leaving the surface. Benefits - reduced surface shrinkage and cracking, more durable hard wearing surface and prevention of dusting.

  • Non-Hazardous
  • Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Approved (WRAS)
  • Size: 20 Ltr

Data Sheet in images and downloadable as a PDF when product is purchased.

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