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Magnesium Bullfloat kit round ends with brush 1200 x 200mm

Magnesium Bullfloat kit round ends with brush 1200 x 200mm

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1200 X 200mm Magnesium Bull Float C/W Knucklehead & 3 Handles & Brush.

Magnesium bull float kit round ends with brush.
This Kit includes magnesium blade, Knucklehead, Brush & 3 Handles.
These lightweight and long wearing magnesium floats are made from the finest extruding magnesium.
Powder coated blades allow for easy clean up after a hard days finishing! Multi- ribbed top provides extra strength.
The blades are properly curved and balanced to prevent digging.
These handles clip in to each other and clip in to the tilt bracket on the bullfloat.
By turning the handles to the left or the right will tilt the bullfloat blade.
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