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Europlug Tie Hole/Plug Filler

Europlug Tie Hole/Plug Filler

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 Europlug is mainly used for filling tie-holes from formwork bolts. It
provides a fast setting, durable, waterproof mortar filler. Can be use for
sealing grout holes and precast voids.

• Europlug is a single component, polymer modified and fibre
reinforced which is Portland cement based repair compound.
• Has the latest cement chemistry and fibre technology.
• Pre packaged in 8kg containers ideal for mixing in on site.
• Excellent bonding capabilities.
• Sets in 30 Minutes at 20oC.
• Waterproof seal offering 10 bar water pressure after 72 hours curing.
• Non toxic when cured and is WRAS approved for use in potable

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